Thank you!

Hello everyone, you guys know that I haven’t posted in a while. After I became staff on Ol West and later on with iEra, I had to focus on working for the servers. As you can see I managed to open up two Shops on iEra, which are Wedding Era Motors To everyone that plans … More Thank you!

GraalOnline goes Instagram

Hello everyone, it was about time that Graal tries to build up their own social media account. Instagram: @GraalOnlineOfficial Definitely worth to follow them, because you have a chance to win limited hats. I won mine with the recent Graaloween costume contest. Glad to see that Kalypso and Tøni won too 😍

Plasma Corp

Hello everyone, I recently became part of Plasma Corp in order to support Junz with his project. We’re currently having a Graphics Competition and accepting Graphics for Plasma Corp. You also may send your submissions to me I’ll be forwarding them to Junz. My discord is: Lyvia#4195 Please use it for submissions and constructive criticism … More Plasma Corp

I’m on Era now

Hello everyone, yeah I know I’ve been not posting much, but I have a good excuse: I’ve been doing graphics for Ol West the whole time. And now it even gets better 🤣 Uhm… yeah. Yeah… I still can’t believe it. I mean I began to move to Era more and more since my friends … More I’m on Era now

Male head

Hey guys what’s up I’m grant and I am a new worker for this website. Anyway this is a cool black haired male head, enjoy!