My personal (Sofie)

Got ifiled so why not just give it to you guys. BTW ifiler has been exposed its yuigfxtea short for yui  *Pretends to be shocked* I went on on the ifilers website except you add an s somewhere in the middle and its connected to the ifilers website and it states that the author is … More My personal (Sofie)


As everyone probably heard, theres an ifiler that has ifiled basically every known gfx artist and robbed them of many personal heads.  I was a victim as well. So was Lyvia. and tazzuki. and miyabi. heck even her sister. 6 Personals of mine have been robbed. please DO NOT take these heads or edit them. … More IMPORTANT! (Sofie)


Hi,  everyone. Please be so kind and report her for staff impersoniation on iEra! She claims to be Classic, Olwest Staff which is pretty much obviously a fake. No one can be staff at 2 servers. And yet she is impersonating a staffmember of ol west: me. This is my account: Please report her. thanks!


Oh yeh about the (SOF/MGBYTE) Thing in all caps and with two different names I have to do that so that people won’t mix us [Sofie and I] up Eh I realized that these resemble the customs I made 3 months ago.. the other one had extensions though and I think that this is a … More Wah (SOF/MGBYTE)

kitty. (Sofie)

This kind of took me a while , transforming miyabis male head into an …”ok” female head. XD Yeah it took me longer than I expected and doesnt look as good as I expected .-. but ye. credits to miyabi ofc she made the original (praise that talented girl) and  credits to me! I did … More kitty. (Sofie)