Oh yeh about the (SOF/MGBYTE) Thing in all caps and with two different names I have to do that so that people won’t mix us [Sofie and I] up Eh I realized that these resemble the customs I made 3 months ago.. the other one had extensions though and I think that this is a … More Wah (SOF/MGBYTE)

kitty. (Sofie)

This kind of took me a while , transforming miyabis male head into an …”ok” female head. XD Yeah it took me longer than I expected and doesnt look as good as I expected .-. but ye. credits to miyabi ofc she made the original (praise that talented girl) and  credits to me! I did … More kitty. (Sofie)

Spoiled Girl Sets (Sof)

(because the green one kinda represents Tatsumaki in my opinion..) hey, so I found colors online yay.. all are originals, head + extensions. yipee back extensions. skin color : Mithos, body : pixelmonster, eyes edited from : Kayoki. -Sof